Monday, August 25, 2014

France: Nancy

Andrew Reetz '14
What is your major? 

SOAN/ Foreign Languages (French/Japanese)

Why did you decide to study abroad? 

To feed the mind and nurture my soul.

Why did you choose Nancy?

Between the choices provided, Nancy is a city on the TGV path between Paris and Strasbourg, making it a major destination for travelers and students in the region of Lorraine. There are very few English speakers, which forced me to integrate into the French culture and acquire language proficiency (and fluency!) by conversing with my new French comrades.

What was your living situation like?
I lived with a welcoming Catholic family in the center of town where I enjoyed the camaraderie of four host brothers and a home-like sentiment for the full-year.

View from my window
Highlights/challenges of the program:

Adapting to the religiosity of my host family was particularly challenging at first considering their conservative politics, yet it was a growing experience not only for me but for them as well as we later admitted to one another.

Nancy in the fall
Advice you wish you had been given before going on your program:

Relax! In France, nothing is planned until the last minute when it comes to the Fac. Just wait for things to happen and be on time when they finally do!
Additional Comments  
Please visit Andrew's personal blog for more stories and photos from his year in Nancy!

If you have any questions for Andrew or about the Nancy program in general, please follow this link to the Ask An Alum moodle page. 

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