Thursday, October 4, 2012

London, England

Group trip to Stonehenge.
Leah Wyllie '12

What is your major?   

Why did you decide to study abroad?  I love to travel and knew it would be an amazing opportunity to get to know another country as a resident (even if only temporary) rather than simply a tourist.

Why did you choose London?  I have always wanted to go to London and I happened to be lucky enough to find that the program associated with my major was the London program!

 What was your living situation like?  The year I went, only 11 other students from Lewis and Clark were there as well.  All of us lived on the same floor along with a few other people.  Most people had a bathroom in their room, but mine was just outside my room and was shared with the two girls next door (5 girls in one bathroom!  It wasn't as difficult as it sounds).  I had two roommates (both from LC), and our room was MUCH bigger than the others.  We had a beautiful view of the street below.  There is a kitchen on every floor and laundry machines in the basement and on the top floor.  If you don't live in Metrogate House, you will have to walk your laundry over, as this is the only site with laundry machines.  The building where you study is about a 10 minute walk and is just across the street from the nearest tube station (Gloucester Road).  There are two Starbucks between "Home" and "School."

Highlights/challenges of the program.  I really felt like I had a life there.  We got to know the regulars at the pub across the street from Metrogate House.  During my internship, I built up a strong group of British friends.  I returned for a visit a few months ago and I had people to stay with and to hang out with!  My friends consider me their "Adopted Brit."  I also developed a bit of an accent, which was pretty strange and cool.  The biggest challenge was definitely the preparation.  My group had to do a lot of reading before the trip - so much so that I wish I had taken one less class that semester.  This will depend, however, on which professor is going over with you.  Also, get started applying for your visa ASAP. 

If you have questions for Leah, you can find her on the Ask An Alum Moodle page by clicking this link. 

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